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Addicted to the Internet

Thank you for calling, let's troubleshoot the issue.  Is this dial up or cable?


I use my phone line and I can;t get on, it's really annoying. I pay my bill each month and your service is terrible. I have to get on line and meet up with my friends.


Ok, I see we sent a technician to your house 3 months ago and they set up your service with no issues.  Are you on the same phone line that the computer connects with?


No, I have a dedicated computer phone line and it stopped working.  Your service is horrible, you are blocking my from getting onto the internet and I can't stand it anymore.


Excuse me, did you just say that we were blocking you?  What makes you say that?


Everytime I go to dial I hear a voice on the line telling me to hang up the phone and if this was an emergency, to dial 911.  It IS an emergency!  I need to get online and meet up with my friends! Why are you blocking me?


It sounds like the phone line was disconnected by the phone company.  Can you hang up, change where the cable from the computer goes into the wall to this line and try again.  Please call us back either way.


2 hours later, another phone call.


It's me, you stopped blocking me!  But now I can't call out on the other line, you are blocking me from making phone calls. Why are you doing that to me? This is not right.


Let me explain something. If you have 2 telephone lines and one is blocked, do you get 2 bills or 1 bill from the phone company?


2 bills, why?


Do you pay both ?


No, just the one.


I hate to inform you but you need to call the phone company and pay for the second line.


But I do, I pay your bill for service, this is not fair, why are you blocking me?


There are 2 providers here, phone company for the telephone lines and then us for Internet Service.  You need to call the phone company and discuss why they turned off the second phone line.


that's not right..... as the phone is being slammed down in my ear.


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