Viruses !

Category: Client issues
Published: Monday, 26 February 2018 15:03
Written by Steve
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We can send a technician to remove, reset and get your system back up and running if you so desire.


Yes please!


1 week later.....


Hi, it's me again, my system is STILL full of viruses, your technician sucked at fixing the problem.


Sir, can you open the browser and go to history?


ok, I have the history up...  why?


What are the top 5 sites that you browse to?


umm...  that's personal.  I can;t tell you that.


Sir, are they porno sites, because if they are, these sites are notorious for infecting systems with viruses and malware.  We do not control where you go, but warn against these sites due to their maliciousness.


oh...  nevermind...  <click>