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Rocket Science

Tech: "Sir, can you open the software and look at any emails?"

Guy: No 

Tech: ok, let's trouble shoot this and find out what is wrong.

He again launches into a tirade about how terrible the software is, how terrible the operating system is and a slew of other complaints. 

Yet, the Tech is patient. 

Tech: Sir, can you please tell me what operating system you are using?,

Guy: Windows 8 

Tech: Great

Tech: Can you please go to the folder 'blah blah' and run the diagnostics

Guy: well the diagnostics will not work either.

Tech:  What error are you receiving?

Guy: Unable to write to hard drive

Tech: can you please open a Command window and run  DIR on the C: drive?

Guy:  well, ok, fine!   well, umm... interesting.

Tech: what is so interesting sir?

Guy: It is stating "0 bytes free"

Tech: Sir, you have run out of disk space on your main drive. You will need to remove and open up some disk space for the software to operate normally.

Guy: hmm why?

Tech:  Sir this is not Rocket Science.  Every software requires disk space for temporary storage to be able too operate.

Guy:  Not Rocket Science eh?  and to think, I work for NASA and I AM a Rocket Scientist.... DUH, I should have known better. Hang on...


Tech waits for the person to clear up some disk space.


Guy: ok, everything is working normally now.  umm...  guess even Rocket Scientists need some guidance from time to time.

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