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Computer based Jokes

Computer based Jokes

The hottest laptop selling off the shelves for the holidays.

The image is the hottest Laptop selling off the shelves prior to the Holidays.


Get one while you can, these are really a hot item!



Never a lender be


One day at school, I was lending a friend a couple of my CD games.


Then a girl came up and said, "I wouldn't do that if I were you. You might get it back with a virus on it."

<blank stare>

Dining out?


An ARP request goes in to a McDonald’s and asks for a big MAC.

Your Security Software....

Ever get people laughing or making comments about the Security Software that you use?  here are some 1 liners you might enjoy:

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Internet domain names


Question:   Can you list all of the public top level domains?

Answer: Yes,  ICANN

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