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Client issues

Client issues

Old news?

Performing a Penetration Test of a Clients network, was forced by the client to call out Server Admin. Sadly, the Admin was in the room in a Directors debrief meeting.

The Admin was using known breached creds that haven't changed in 6 years.



Discovered a back door ?

While on a penetration test of a mid sized company (100 to 1000 employees) discovered that some admins had created a back door account and vpn access.

Pulled the logs and it was in use.  They just fired an admin and they knew of the back door to create havoc.  Turns out that after talking with various Managers, there seemed to be the same problems popping up after each admin was let go. Hmmmmm.


While technically, this is not funny nor humorous, it showed that the Admins, even the new ones kept the backdoor open.  Insider threat come to mind ?

Helping Dad....

I had to help my Dad fix his computer over the phone tonight. I could tell he was getting frustrated with the computer.

at one point I told him to Click a Button.

Dad: You're joking?

Me: No Dad why? Click it.

Dad: There's no mouse.

Me: Why not ?

Dad: I threw it across the room!


another successful phone conversation with a relative trying to help them with their computer.


How do you spell that ?

A woman called in to the help desk the other day and I think she was a bit confused.

She was having problems with her computer and I truly wanted to help.

So I asked her her name.....

Me: Can I get your name ?

Caller: Yes,  Mary

Me:  My apologies, it is a bad phone connection, could your please repeat that?

Caller:  Yes, it's Mary  want me to spell it for you ?

Me: Yes please, this connection is terrible.

Caller:  Ok,  L as in Mary..........


I stopped listening at that moment and thankfully the call dropped.


She called back and someone else got her.  Same thing.. let me spell it for you... L as in Mary....


We both had a great laugh over this one.


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