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Client issues

Client issues

Form funnies...

Was on a phone call with a very well educated Medical Field person.

They where having problems filling out a form.  So they asked me if I could help.

Absolutely I said and it went like this:

Caller:  What does Phone Number mean on the form ?

Me:  (slight silence)  You need to write in or type in your phone number into the form.

Caller: What does Address mean?  I don't wear Dresses.

Me: (pause) That's your home address where you live.

Caller: What does Sex MF mean ?  I'm not a Mo Fo.

Me: please excuse me for a moment  [MUTE Button]     Bursts out laughing. and to think these are highly educated people ?

an oldie but a goodie

I received a call from a Manager in the Finance Department.

They reported that one of her floppy disks had caused our virus checker to flash a very alarming message.

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Viruses !

A phone call to a Internet Provider Help Desk:


My system is full of viruses!  It's all your fault!

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Addicted to the Internet

Person calling in to a Help Desk for an Internet Provider:


I can't get on. It's all your fault, there is something wrong with your instructions, I can't get on.

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